Foundation Repair Consulting Engineer

We work for the homeowner as a third party Engineering Consultant. We will evaluate your situation(s) and if you truly need repairs, we will assist you in getting whatever repairs that are appropriate done to your home, all the while ensuring that you get your money’s worth; you will not get over piered. We will keep both your house and your wallet from being OVER JACKED.

It is truly disheartening and offensive to see how some foundation contractors prey on homeowners. If you think you might have foundation problems, do not fall for an old baseball pitcher ad or other such HYPE from lesser known foundation contractors. Home owners are all too frequently told they need a “a few pilings, piers, jacking pads, etc. to correct a foundation problem”. This is sometimes true; however, in far too many instances, all the repairs accomplish is a nice commission and or bonus for the contractor / salesman. Do not fall for a smooth sales pitch and / or a slick power point presentation; call Halfacre Engineering; we will save you money and protect your investment by giving your peace of mind and or saving you a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Mississippi does not require a license for a foundation contractor; YES that is what I said… there is no licensing requirement, testing of knowledge training, or apprenticeship to do foundation repairs in our state.

Call us FIRST! We specialize in helping homeowner’s get structural repairs done at a fair price. We are not on commission… we are not in any contractors pocket!

Engineering Consultant Jimmy C. Halfacre

Jimmy C. Halfacre is licensed as a Professional Engineer by the state of Mississippi.

Jimmy C. Halfacre is certified in the practice of structural engineering by the Structural Engineer Certification Board (S.E.C.B.) as a Structural Engineer.

Jimmy C. Halfacre is a member of the Structural Engineers Association of Mississippi (SEAoMS) and National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).