Thinking of buying, selling leasing or refinancing a property? If you are, you’re going to need to get the property inspected. Our services are unmatched and will provide you with an accurate commercial real estate inspection report. Commercial building inspection requires a great deal of experience along with specific skills.

Our commercial inspector, Jimmy C. Halfacre, is a professional engineer with complete knowledge and the skills needed to perform a thorough commercial inspection.

We reduce risk when you are buying, selling, leasing or refinancing your commercial property assets.  We will deliver quality commercial inspection reports on the condition of your property for due diligence or capital renewal planning.  We inspect all types of buildings, from industrial and retail, to sports complexes and airports. When you need a building inspector, look no further than Halfacre Engineering.

Why Choose Halfacre Engineering

  • Completely thorough and honest commercial inspection
  • We provide full documentation so you have all the information you need
  • We follow a specific code of conduct and ethics for our building inspections.
  • We provide commercial inspection for all buildings, large or small.
  • An honest evaluation of the properties’ current condition

Why to Hire a Professional Building Inspector

There can be serious risks associated with not choosing a professional building inspector:

  • Inadequate or fallacious reports that could cause you a loss of thousands of dollars
  • An erroneous report could lead to structural failures which can completely demolish a commercial establishment.
  • In extreme cases, fatalities could be caused by a critical structural failure

Commercial building inspectors make sure that buildings conform to required building codes. Make sure you are hiring the right commercial property inspector. Halfacre Engineering is licensed and has all the necessary knowledge to carry out a complete structural inspection.

Our commercial property inspection includes all major building systems and reports include budget cost estimates and time frames for major repairs and replacements.

Jimmy’s training and expertise as a structural engineer will give you the protection you need when considering a commercial property transaction.

Commercial Inspection by Jimmy C. Halfacre

Jimmy C. Halfacre is licensed as a Professional Engineer by the state of Mississippi.

Jimmy C. Halfacre is certified in the practice of structural engineering by the Structural Engineer Certification Board (S.E.C.B.) as a Structural Engineer.

Jimmy C. Halfacre is a member of the Structural Engineers Association of Mississippi (SEAoMS) and National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).